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Hello visitor. Welcome to EB Presents. On EB Presents you can watch my music videos, watch my live performances, look at some of my pantings, read reviews about tech, see what I rate tech stuff, and more.

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About Me

I am Ethan Bradley and I play the ukulele. I like to write reviews. I like the nice weather. I like to walk and ride my bike. I like to play with my dogs Princess Buttercup and Tiger Lily. I have two dogs and a cat named Shamu.


To see my post go to the menu and select the category hat you want. EBMusic is my music videos. EBFilms might have a future film. There is a sub category on EBFilms called music videos which has a few of my videos. EBPaintings currently only has my paintings for J. Scott Bradley’s novel called The Dark Harp, go to The Dark Harp Website for more info. Live Performances is the videos of me playing out in public or in a theater.  Reviews has my reviews and ratings of devices, games, movies, TV Shows, Books, and more.


I hope you enjoy your visit to EB Presents.