The Story of: Princess & Tiger Lily

         Tiger Lily is my family’s puppy we also have Princess the sweetest dog ever. They always play together and they are soooo sweet. Tiger Lily was born last fall (fall 2016) while Princess was born in summer of 2012. Princess now has Tiger Lily to play with everyday. Both Pups love walks when it is nice enough. Tiger Lily is a puppy but she is growing fast. Princesses story right now is being with Tiger Lily and Princess’s happy story is playing with Tiger Lily and being with her. Tiger Lily’s happy story is the same of Princess’s being with her and playing with Princess. They are super sweet dogs and they always will be sweet dogs. Tiger Lily and Princess are always going to love my family and I. 

No: Tiger Lily  and Princess will not take adventures.

Yes: Tiger Lily and Princess will take a lot of adventures together. 

Princess and Tiger Lily “will live happily ever after” with each other.

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Ethan Bradley

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