Review and Rating of the: Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest game Council. It has really great performance. The quality is really great. The Nintendo Switch (I think) is replacing the Nintendo Wii U. It is also portable (like the Nintendo 3DS) and it can be played on your TV (like the Nintendo Wii U). This device is fast and it works well. It also looks really nice. It is a great gaming system. I would recommend this device to families who like Mario, Mariokart, Splatoon, Legend of Zelda, and more games that Nintendo makes. You can get the black version or you can get the colored verison. Both the colored and non-colored versions are the same price ($299). I would recommend it to those Nintendo fans and families who like to play video games together. Lots of the games will come out soon, you can buy the new Legend of Zelda game now. It is a great device. I would give this lovely device 5 stars because it looks really nice, it work well, it has great performance, and it has fun games that I love.

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