Book Review of: A Dog’s Purpose

This book recently came out with a movie (which you can get on iTunes) but, today I am reviewing the book. The book is about serval differnt dogs that come and go. The book has a message that every dog has a purpose. The purposes are all different, one dog’s purpose could be to be there with someone at all time while another dog’s purpose might be to find lost people. One of the dog’s purpose is to be there for a boy named Ethan. There is a dog named Ellie and she is a police dog and she finds people. This book is amazing. I love this book because I love dogs and I like to read a lot of books about dogs. If you are a dog person you might love this book to. Bailey in this book is a golden retriever. Ellie in the book is a German Shepherd. This book is mainly about what the dog is on Earth to do and how the dog to do his/her purpose best! I loved this book a lot, it is One of my favorites

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