Book Review of: A Dog’s Purpose Novel Ellie’s Story 

Ellie’s story is one of my favorite books. It is about a police dog named Ellie who finds lost people. Ellie is a really important dog in the novel A Dog’s Purpose. The author of A Dog’s Purpose wrote Ellie’s Story (and Bailey’s Story) for kids. The book says it is a book for young readers. In this book Ellie finds lost people and even saves people’s life’s. I love this book and I think this book is for anyone of any age who loves dogs and likes to read chapter books. I love this book because I have two labs at home and one is Princess Buttercup (Yellow Lab) and Tiger Lily (Chocolate/Brown Lab) and I love dogs of any kind. Ellie is a German Shepherd in the book (and the movie A Dog’s Purpose). I would give this book 5 stars.

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Ethan Bradley

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