Movie Review of: A Dog’s Purpose

I already reviewed A Dog’s Purpose and Bailey and Ellie’s story so we are rapping up A Dog’s Purpose reviews and important points of each book. A Dog’s Jounery is on my to read list (which will have a review soon). The author is coming out with a new book called A Dog’s Way Home. I will read that when it comes out and write a review. This movie is out on iTunes and will be coming to DVD + Blue Ray in 2 days. Let’s Review!

A Dog’s Purpose is about serval differnt dogs including Bailey. This book is about one dog who lives many differnt lives. Every dog has a purpose. Every dog’s purpose is differnt. On A Dog’s Purpose movie Instagram it has the picture of the dog and a quote from the movie. Bailey is an important dog in this movie he is the main dog in the trailer. Bailey lives with a boy named Ethan and Bailey’s purpose is to always be there for Ethan. I love this movie because I love dogs. I think this movie is for anyone of all ages who loves dogs. I would give this movie 5 stars.

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