Movie Review of: A Star Wars Story: Rouge One

This movie is such a great movie. This movie is my favorite. I like all Star Wars Movies but I like this one best out of all Star Wars Movies. This movie is a Star Wars story not an episode. This movie is about how the rebellion got the plain to the Death Star. Almost all of the characters were not in any other Star Wars movies (not counting Grand Moth Tarkin etc.). I like this movie best because I think it tells a really great story about how the rebels got the plans to the Death Star. The most important rebel is Jyn Erso (the name may not be spelled right) because her father helped build the Death Star. I think you might like this movie if you are a Star Wars fan. 

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review of: A Star Wars Story: Rouge One

  1. It’s one of my favourite Star Wars movies too! I think my favourite part is the battle on the Imperial base at the end. I also like how it ends right when “Episode 4: A New Hope” begins.


    1. I agree! I like how it ends when the movie begins. I also like how it has Princess Leia at the end.


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