Visiting Downtown Franklin

If you’ve been to Downtown Franklin you have probably seen the square, you have probably been shopping, and you might have eaten somewhere. Downtown Franklin TN has several great restaurants including Puckett’s, Frothy Monkey, Meridee’s, Mellow Mushroom, Grays on MAIN, and more places to eat. Downtown Franklin also includes ice cream places such as Sweet Ce Ce’s and Baskin Robins. Mellow Mushroom is a pizza place that has live music on the patio and also has amazing pizza. You can almost always find live music. Puckett’s serves great fried chicken and also has amazing live music most nights of the week. Frothy Monkey has a great lunch menu (mostly sandwiches) and they also have a completely different dinner menu. Meridee’s is my favorite place to eat lunch. Meridee’s is also a bakery that serves amazing bread. They are mainly a breakfast and lunch place but they stay open a few nights a week. Sweet Ce Ce’s is a frozen yogurt store (which also has one in Cool Springs, which is near Franklin TN) and this store serves hard ice cream. There are many shops in Franklin. A lot of the shops will let you  bring your dog (or most other pets that are well-behaved in public) in to shop with you. They also have dog bowls for your dog to drink out of unless if you are Princess Buttercup (my dog) who thinks she is too fancy for the public water bowls. There are so many awesome things to do in Downtown Franklin.

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