Ethan and His Music/#ethanandhismusic

In the past, I have made music videos, and I did Instagram Live for a while. I am now going to start a series here on my blog and it will be called Ethan and His Music. Also written as #ethanandhismusic. You can find this in the categories EBMusic and EBFilms. New episodes will be released every month and their will be one post for each month. This month I will only do one episode because it is the first episode but there will be more. So each season lasts for five months and then there is a month or two break and then it goes back for another five months.

Filming just started.

Each season will have 3 Episodes. September 29th will only have a single episode. Make sure to add series premier of #ethanandhismusic on EB Presents to your calendars.

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