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Hi my name is Ethan. I am a guest blogger in the kids book session of Night Owl Reads. I will say more about me at the end of my post. Today I will be listing the top 5 kids books you should read right now.

These books are my top 5 favorite kids books!

5. Ralph S. Mouse series

This series is about a mouse named Ralph. There is a boy in every book. The first one starts in a old hotel. I do not want to give anything else away. This series is one of my favorites. There are three amazing books in this series.

4. Percy Jackson Series

This series is about a boy named Percy. I have not read the first book in a while so I will not give away anything else away.

3. Charlotte’s Web

You have probably heard of this book now. This book is one of my all time favorites. This book is about a girl, a pig, and a spider. I will not give anything else away because I do not want you to have the book spoiled. This book also has a movie (avaible on iTunes) which has a similar storyline.

2. Narnia Series

There are serval books in this series. One can also be read as a stand alone book (The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe). This book is about four children named Lucy, Peter, Evan, and Susan. The first book has different people.

1. The Harry Potter Series.

This is a series about a boy named Harry Potter. There are seven books in this series one for each year at Hogwarts. I hope I did not give too much info away for the few people who haven’t read a book from this series!

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