Visiting Asheville NC

I was recently lucky enough to spend a couple of days in the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina. If you haven’t heard of Asheville it is a cool place in the blue ridge mountains. Most people who come to Asheville visit the Biltmore house and gardens. The house is a beautiful historic home and it is one of the largest private homes in the US. The gardens are a beautiful scenic place around the Biltmore area. I liked walking the grounds which is the gardens and the rolling homes around the property. I enjoyed all the Biltmore grounds but there is so much to Asheville than the Biltmore grounds. A lot of people come to Asheville for the amazing restaurants. Their is also a lot of unique shopping. Last year when I was in Asheville I bought an instrument at the Woodrow store. The downtown area is just a lot of fun to walk around and go in and out of shops and window shop. Asheville is full of friendly people (so is Franklin and Nashville) who are happy to welcome you to their town. We did not go to the Blue Ridge Park Way this time but it is a great place if you like scenic drives. I would Asheville is a great fall and summer vacation. I would totally recommend going here.

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