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Asheville is the amazing town in the mountains that I have recently visited. Today I will just be doing a blog post about what Asheville is and what it is like Around Asheville. This post is kind of like my Around Franklin blog post and sort of like my Visiting Asheville blog post.

The Biltmore Estate is where the beautiful home of the Biltmore is. The Biltmore has two hotels including the Village Inn and one other (I have stayed at them both). The Village Inn is right next to the Biltmore Village. The Biltmore Village is a great place for walking and you can even walk your dogs there. Some beautiful gardens and walking trails are in the Biltmore estate. I will be talking more about Biltmore in a Biltmore blog post that will be coming in early November (which may already be out, it will be on my home page and the Travel category).

Asheville also features great restaurants. I ate at some great ones and in fact in November I will be reviewing serval of my favorites that I ate at! I have a resturants blog post out now that says where I went.

Downtown Asheville is a beautiful place with a lot of resturants, shops, and entertainment. A Visiting Downtown Asheville blog post will be coming Oct. 31st. Downtown Asheville will also make a short appearance in the second episode of Ethan and His Music (November 3rd) and some of the resturants I will be reviewing are in Downtown Asheville. Downtown Asheville is definitely a place to check out if you are staying, passing by, going through, or living in Asheville, Downtown Asheville is worth checking out.

Asheville also features some great Beautiful walking trails. This would worth checking out if you like to walk.

Asheville has some great scenic places to drive around so that is also worth checking out.

Asheville is worth going to and I would recommend this as a fall vacation spot!

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