Wrapping Up This Month on the Blog

I have had a very happy month on the blog!

Stats for this month:


This month had the best traffic then any other month. That is for all for 14 blog post!

This month has 15 blog post (counting this one) which is the month with the most blog post. All of this beats the follow up which is February the month that EB Presents was born! Third behind which is at least 100 clicks less than Feb. is May then one click less is September (last month). The most popular post of the month was the series premier of Ethan Bradley (which came out Sep. 29th). I am exited to work on the blog and make it even better in coming months.

My next blog post will be Life Lately (Debut Post) on November 1st in the Life Lately category. Followed by the second episode of Ethan and His Music on November 3rd in EB Films and EB Music. Then we will go right back into Asheville blog post on the travel category on November 6th with a resturant review of the donut shop – Holes.

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