Life Lately (Debut Post)

Happy November 1st! Today I will be doing a blog post about my life lately. I will be doing serval different sections. Let’s start with the first one.

Life on the Blog

In March-August I have been bad at updating my blog (March is the second month I had my blog) and in September I did more post (I did 7) but in October I wanted to update my blog more often. I started to do recurring Franklin blog post, a Nashville debut blog post, and posting on the Travel category. Now I am doing even more post this month in November. I have my big post of the month on November 3rd (the second episode of #ethanandhismusic). In Travel the Asheville blog post will be premiering on EB Presents in November and December. In Franklin I have had some blog post and more are coming this month. In Nashville I had my debut blog post (Visiting Downtown Nashville) and more is to come in November (including Around Nashville). In EBFilms and EBMusic I have the second episode of Ethan and His Music premiering November 3rd. The first episode premiered Sep. 29th. So more is coming to EB Presents!

In Franklin

Life in Franklin has been great. I have had these blog post in October

I have been eating at places in Franklin including Puckett’s and Grays on Main (review coming 2018). Franklin is that beautiful town that has America’s favorite Main Street (which I wrote a blog post about). Franklin is such an amazing town and ALL NEW blog post will be coming along the way in 2018.

Other Places

I have recently Visited Asheville. I have had some Blog Post about Asheville

Asheville is a beautiful town in North Carolina up in the mountains. It has serval great attractions and restaurants. Read more about Asheville by taking a peak at my Travel Category.
I will have a new life lately blog post soon… when I have some new things to say.

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