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I had my Ethan and His Music episode 2 premier to EB Presents! I enjoyed doing it so much! The first ever web series on EB Presents has been very fun and I am looking forward to December 31st when the third episode of Ethan and His Music premiers to EB Presents. I also enjoyed doing the Behind the Scenes! Life has been good lately! I have been working on my blog and I have some wonderful blog post coming this month including more on Asheville, a new video of Haele the Hawaiian Classic Song, a book review, and even more coming including some videos! A New Video Review category might be coming in November or December this month. A Life Lately blog post about my life is coming to EB Presents tomorrow. I will be starting this month’s blog post with my final Asheville blog post! So many new things are coming to the blog this month in November! Be sure to follow my blog for these future blog post. Go through the featured or to the categories EB Films or EB Music and watch the all new two part episode of Ethan and His Music!!!!!!!!!!!

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