Life Lately 11/11

Life has been great! I am so exited about this month on the blog! Here is a breakdown of everything that has been going on in Life.

On the Blog

On 11/3 I had my all new two part second episode of Ethan and His Music premier to EB Presents! I had a total of 15 blog post in October which is my most yet! I have so much to come including the final Asheville blog post, a NEW category, a book and movie review, some nature blog post, a Franklin and Nashville restaurant review, a new Haele Hawaiian Song video, and even more coming to EB Presents this month!


I recently went to Asheville North Carolina. That place was so beautiful. I enjoyed that trip so much. The second part of Ethan and His Music was actually filmed in Asheville NC. I had serval recent blog post about Asheville. I have a few more Asheville blog post coming this month! I had ate at some great restaurants, went on scenic drives with my family, explored the Biltmore grounds, and even more fun stuff!

In Franklin

Things have been going great in Franklin. I have been going to Restaurant’s like Puckett’s, Frothy Monkey, and GRAYS on Main. I have been going on scenic walks in Franklin. A good portion of the third episode of Ethan and His Music is filmed in those scenic areas. Franklin has been doing well!

In Nashville

Some of the scenic places I have been going to are in Nashville. Nashville has been doing great! I have been to a few restaurants in Nashville lately. Nashville is good.

That is a little summary of how my life has been going. Feel free to comment below to share how your life has been going. Thanks for reading this!

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