What I did in Asheville NC

Today I will be breaking down everything that I did in Asheville.

I went on beautiful scenic car rides with my Family. I went serval different places. Some of the car rides appeared in the second episode of  Ethan and His Music and also on the post I put out yesterday which was only pictures. The car rides were just beautiful.

I went on beautiful walks in the Biltmore Gardens. Some of the shots in the second episode of Ethan and His Music were in the Biltmore Gardens. The Biltmore gardens were absolutely beautiful. I loved the beautiful walking trail that the Biltmore grounds offered. Biltmore Village is also by the grounds. It is actually right by the Biltmore Hotel which is the place I stayed. The grounds were just beautiful. This was totally a highlight of my trip.

I walked Downtown and did a lot of fun stuff! I really enjoyed my trip to Asheville.

**Final Asheville 2017 Blog Post is Tomorrow!**

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