Life Lately 11/21

Last Night I introduced my new vlog category to EB Presents. However instead of doing a new vlog post in Videos, EBFilms, EBMusic, or Live Music today I am going to give you a life update in my recently introduced Life Lately category….

On the Blog and Vlog

My blog has had more visitors than any other month in the history of EB Presents. I just introduced a new vlog category called Videos!! I have finished doing the Asheville blog posts. I have had a few restaurant reviews along with more Asheville posts!! I said that I was finished with Asheville BLOG posts but not Vlog posts. I might come out with an Asheville video in the video category. I also have a Mario Odyssey unboxing video coming Friday to EB Presents. Thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog and watching my vlog videos!!!

Thanksgiving is Thursday!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving!! I bet all of you are too! I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas is Coming!

It is also Christmas season!! Christmas is back for another year. Geez, time has flown by fast, Christmas felt like a few months ago. I hope everyone has a great holiday. I will have a Christmas Eve special premiering to EB Presents that day in December, time and more details coming soon.

2018 is coming

Since these holidays are coming so is New Year’s. Time to think of your goals!! Third episode of Ethan and His Music coming that night!

Life in Franklin

Life in Franklin has been very good. In fact, things are all ready for Christmas in Downtown Franklin. Some places in Franklin have trees up and the lights are also up. I do not have a tree up yet because I always get a real tree!

Other Things

I did meet a country artist who I saw at the Grand ole Opry named Margo Price at Barnes and Noble. I got a signed record and poster!

Life in General

Life in general has been very good. Thanks for reading my blog post. Be sure to follow my blog on and/or you can follow my blog via email!! The holidays are coming 🙂

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