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It has been a few days since I posted my Tiger Lily video. Here is what I am doing.

I have been waiting on my GoPro Hero 5 to be delivered to my home. I will be doing almost all of my videos on my first GoPro. This is my first GoPro so I went with the little older model. I am doing some of my final iPhone Videos, here is what scheduled videos that will be filmed on only my iPhone are:

1. Dog Park with Tiger Lily and Princess Buttercup

2. A Glimpse Into My Life

3. The Christmas Spirit (2017 Performace)

4. GoPro Hero 5 First Look

5. Ethan and His Music – Season 1, Episode 3 Part: 1 (feat. Beth Bradley)

here are reasons why I have not been making videos.

1. iCloud Storage, I need to move my stuff to Google Photos.

2. Waiting on that GoPro

here is Why I have not been blogging:

1. Busy life.

2. Making some videos instead.


**Dog Park With Tiger Lily and Princess Buttercup premiering on YouTube tonight at 9|8c. This post will be uploaded to my blog tomorrow.**

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