Life Lately 12/6

Hello everyone I am back with a life lately blog post. It has been a little while since I have done a blog post, recently I have been having a blast doing Vlog post (Vlog = video blog). However today I have decided to do a blog post instead. I am due for a life lately. So let’s do the normal categories.

On the Site

Life has been very good lately on my site! I have been doing a lot of  Vlog post and thanks to the people who have been watching them. I really enjoy making videos. I recently got a video camera (GoPro Hero 5) and I will be using that for most of my vlogs. I have a new blog post tomorrow called “What I Did For Thanksgiving.” A restaurant Review of Grays on Main will be coming soon. Some Videos will be coming this month including some GoPro Hero 5 videos like “The GoPro Hero 5 Camera” and “GoPro Hero 5: Dog Test.” Even more is coming this month so be sure to follow my blog for updates.

Life in Franklin

Franklin life has been good! In Downtown Franklin people are preparing for Christmas. I have not put up Christmas decorations yet however I am putting them up today (12/6). I am looking forward to Christmas!

Christmas Time and Bye Bye!

I bet most of you have been listening to Christmas Music. I have been listening to a lot of Christmas tunes! I am exited for Christmas and I hope you are to! That is all I have for today, so I hope you have a good day! Bye!

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