Life Lately 12/21

It has been a little while since I have done a written post. I have had a couple of votes and request to write a new post. Tomorrow I will have a double post. I will have one at midnight and one in the early afternoon. One will be a dog slow mo video recorded on my iPhone! The other one (at midnight) will be a review of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” This Post is a life lately! So let’s get going!

EB Presents

My site is about 450 Views away from catching last months amazing stats. As of Wednesday, my stats are 101 Views in December. However, my Youtube has had 215 channel Views as of Wednesday and that is for the last 28 days. I have not even been uploading to YouTube for 28 days. Youtube is doing very well. My blog stats are low because I only written 1 or two things this month. Most people like to find it through YouTube instead of a link through my site! Thanks to those people who subscribed to my YouTube channel and my mailing list along with following via WordPress! I hope you enjoyed my Christmas videos along with some GoPro Videos. P.S. my site only gets some of the videos linked.

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Seeing Live Music

I recently saw Garth Brooks (Sunday) at Bridgestone Arena. I also went to Puckett’s and saw The Young Fables (@theyoungfablesofficial on instagram). Both performances were fantastic!

Life in General + Finishing Up

Life in general has been very good! I am ready for Christmas time! I love this time of year! I hope you all have a happy holiday season! I hope you enjoyed EB Presents updates. Review of Star Wars the Last Jedi coming midnight. This review will be spoiler free. I will a spolier room + review post a week after it comes out on iTunes & Blu-Ray! Also a dog video will be coming early afternoon tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed this blog post and bye!

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