Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (NO SPOILERS)

I hope you have enjoyed my videos including the two videos with Beth Bradley However, today I will be reviewing the latest Star Wars movie called The Last Jedi! This review will have NO spoilers in it. If you want spoilers please Contact me via my Contact Page on my site and request it. If I get two request I will write a spoiler review. However I am going to do a recap post on this movie a week after it is released on Blu-Ray & iTunes. Today I will just be saying if you should go see it and what I thought of this movie. So let me get to this review:

The movie started out really well. It was great, I never got bored during this movie. Not everyone loves this movie. I was not one of those people. If you like Star Wars you would probably like this movie especially if you liked Rouge One & The Force Awakens.

WARNING: Force Awakens SPOILERS Ahead

If you are a Han Solo fan, you may not like this movie because he is not in it. Killing off Han might make you not like this movie.

This movie picks right back up where it ended, after Rey lands on Luke Skywalkers island.

**Force Awakens SPOILERS are over**

This movie would interest sci fi fans along with most Star Wars fans. I personally thought this movie was great! I give it 5 stars. If you would like to write a review in the comments, feel free. Comments are open for this post but I will approve all comments first. Hope you enjoyed the movie. Follow my site and subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates when I post something new. I have a new video coming today (12/22/17) of my dogs in slow motion that is filmed on my iPhone.

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