A Year of Tiger Lily

Welcome back to another blog post. I will be changing up when I Link my videos to my site. It will only do Post with links to YouTube if it has another story to go along with it. This video does. You are probably here because of the title: “A Year of Tiger Lily.”

A Year Ago:

It was the first morning since I got back from my Disney World Trip. Princess Buttercup was boarding at Cricket Hollow Farm (where we also got her from a little more than 5 years ago). We were also were getting a new baby chocolate  Lab Puppy. We have known the litter that she was from for a little while. Since she was there she picked the lab that was right for our family. That was that little cute Chocolate Lab who we named Tiger Lily. It was also the same day that the litter our future puppy was in went home. So we went up and got Princess Buttercup & then Tiger was ready. So we took Tiger Lily home and Princess Buttercup was super confused. She was wondering why that puppy was going home. We got home. Tiger Lily played and then slept for a while, that process repeated. Princess was confused for a very long time. Also it was snowing, so Tiger got to see snow. That happened for a while….

Today & the last year:

She was a puppy for a while. We moved with her. Today she still lays in Mommy’s Lap (Beth Bradley) today. She is still very cuddly and she loves to play tug and of course take naps. She is fun, sweet, loving. I love this Lab so much. She is a sweetie. Princess loves her to.

I hoped you enjoyed the little story about last year. I have a few videos to.

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Hope you enjoyed my videos and this post. I hope you have a good day!!!!!


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