California 2017-2018 Trip in Review

Today marks the first blog post of my California Travel Blog Series that I am doing. Yesterday’s was a Life Lately with some snaps from this trip but not a full travel post I shared other things to. So I am going to get right to it. Today I am doing a full on trip in review post. Thursday I will be doing a highlight post. Then after that some reviews and more. Let’s get started…

So I went to the airport in Nashville. Then I got there on Coronado late at night. The next morning I went to Clayton’s Diner (review coming soon) then, I went to the beach and hung out and relaxed. Oh and by the way I of course tested The GoPro Hero 5 Underwater. You can watch my water test by Clicking the text right now. Then I filmed and hung out. I brought my ukulele along with me. We hung out that day. I wanted the sunset Here is a little shot of the sunset on day 1:

The next day I went to the San Diego zoo and once again hung out on the beach. Here is a shot from the zoo:

The next day I went to the Navy museum. Here are two pictures from it:

Later I once again hung out on the beach and watched the sunset.

The next day was in the car on the way to Disneyland. Then I arrived at Disneyland and went to California Adventure Park. Then I went over to Disneyland to see the 9 o clock fireworks show. Then spent the rest of the night at California Adventure Park. After that I watched the fireworks from my room. I saw fireworks from both parks since they were right next to each other. That was New Year’s Eve. Here is a little video clip from the nine o clock fireworks:

The next day I spent the whole day at Disneyland Park and California Adventure. I rode my favorite rides and that stuff. I will do a post on Disneyland soon.

The next day I went back to Coronado and hung out on the beach.

The final morning I did the same thing.

I think that sounds a like a fun vacation. Hoped you enjoyed this post. I will be doing a summary of my trip Thursday. This post will also be a featured post. Here are the featured post from my trip:

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I hoped you enjoyed this post. Have a good day and thinks for reading!

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