California 2017-2018 Trip Summary

Welcome back everyone to the second blog post of my new California travel series. I will keep on doing these until I run out of things to say about my trip. This will be my last one  until Tuesday. So today we are going to Summarize the trip 🙂 so let’s get going.\.

I got on a plane and flew to San Diego. The next morning I hung around Coronado Island. The next day I went to the San Diego zoo. I did a lot of fun stuff at Coronado. I also drove to Disneyland. I went to both parks and rode my favorite rides. I went back to Coronado and went to the beach.

That is a little quick summary for you guys. I put this in featured because I want to feature the full depth and the summary. some people want full depth and others want a summary. So I hoped you enjoyed this post!

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