Top 4 Things to do in San Diego & Coronado Island

Welcome Back to a new blog post everyone! Today I will be doing two blog post. I will have a second one tonight at 7 PM called “California Photos.” “California Photos” will be my last California Travel blog post. So today we are going over the top four things to do in San Diego and Coronado Island. So let’s get started.

4. Eat Dinner on the Island

Coronado Island has so many great dinner options. The Site Trip Advisor list the top 10 restaurants on Coronado Island so be sure to check it out for more.

3. Eat Breakfast at Clayton’s diner.

The diner is a great breakfast choice. They also serve donuts if you are in a hurry

2. The San Diego Zoo

This zoo is amazing. Also if you aren’t at the zoo right now and you have nothing to do, check out they have polar, panda, and penguin live cams. Also they have fun videos and entertaining pictures.

1. The Beach

Of course the beach is number one. The beach on Coronado Island has a beautiful sunset. Be sure to go to the beach.

Hoped you guys enjoyed this post. Tonight at 7 I will be posting all pictures as my last California Post! So be sure to get on and check it out!

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