GoPro Hero 5 Camera Review!

Today I will be reviewing the GoPro Hero 5. So let’s get started.

The Worst: It can’t zoom

The HERO 5 and below can’t zoom. Only the HERO 6 ($399) and Fusion ($699) can zoom. The big problem was at the San Diego Zoo when I was recording and couldn’t zoom. For those moments I have to pull out my iPhone which can zoom really far (10x zoom). The GoPro HERO 5 Can’t zoom. I find it annoying sometimes.

The Best: It’s Tiny

This camera can be good for it’s size because it is small and not big like DSLR cameras and serval video cameras from brands like Canon and Sony. This can be a great reason to by this camera.

The worst: Photos aren’t as great as DSLR Cameras

If you are getting this camera for photography it is NOT Recommend for you. This camera is an action camera for videos not portraits or other types of photos.

The Best: It is waterproof, shock resistance

This camera is waterproof (Woot Woot!) so that means fun underwater videos. This camera is also shock resistance which means it does not have a lot of breakable parts which can be really nice. The camera does NOT need housing for the water. I will be getting more water shoots when it warms up for swimming. However I did get to dunk it in the water in California, you can watch my underwater test here.


Is this a recommend photography camera?

**NO It is not**

Is this a great camera for action?

Yes, great choice. The also have a newer Hero 6, a cubed Hero5 Session, the VR 360 Fusion, and also the amazing Hero 5.

Is the Audio Good on this camera?

Yes and No. Some people think it is trash others say it is fine. I would say, it has some noises but mostly it is just fine.

Is this a good video blogging camera?

Yes and no. It can be great because it is tiny. It can also not be great because I find it to be a little shaky at times. I used my phone and also my GoPro in my California Travel Video which you can see how the new iPhones and Hero 5 look in that video which you can watch by clicking here.

** Final Question** Is this a good camera for recording dogs?

Yes it is a fantastic camera for that!!!! You can watch my Dog recording test by clicking here.

**You can also watch my first use by clicking here. **


This camera is really great for an action camera. It has decent audio and it might be a little shaky sometimes but it is a pretty good video blogging camera. Also it is great because it is shock proof and tiny so it makes it great for filming out and about. I would recommend it for every good thing I said about this camera in this post.

HERO 5 Alternatives

Newer Modle?

Check out the GoPro Hero 6 on Amazon by clicking here.

Smaller Model?

Check out the Hero 5 Session on Amazon by clicking here.

VR Camera by GoPro?

Interested in a 360 camera? GoPro has one called the Fusion. It wasn’t on Amazon but is on GoPro’s Website which you can check out the camera by clicking here.

Better Video Blogging Camera (More Expensive) (no 4K) by Sony?

Check out the new Rx0  on Amazon by clicking here.

Want a camera with fast speeds, great for photography, does 4K, one of the best for video blogging, more expensive, and more?

Check out the Sony RX100 v on Amazon by clicking here.

Want a DSLR Camera?

Check them out on Sony’s Website by clicking here.

Hoped all of that helped. I will be posting a video on my Youtube Channel this afternoon reviewing the GoPro Hero 5. You can check out my channel by clicking here. Thanks for reading this. See you in my video! Bye!

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