Life Lately 2/1

Welcome Back to a New Blog Everyone. So let’s get started with “On My Site” section of this blog post.

On my Site

My site has been doing well. I have had several blog post in the month of January. I will be posting several things this month. Be sure to follow my blog for more post.


In December/January I have been doing several Youtube Videos on my channel called EB Presents. You can check out my YouTube Channel by clicking here. Also be sure to hit that subscribe button and binge my videos! 🙂

Also I recently opened up a second YouTube channel with Beth/Mom. It is called EB Squared. We play classical & traditional music on this channel. You can check it out by clicking here. Also be sure to hit that subscribe button while you are there. Hope you like the content!

Life Outside of the Worldly Web

Life has been good. I have been hanging out with my dogs. The weather has been nice in Franklin TN. Life has been good

Video Posting Schedule On YouTube

I will now be posting videos on my channel every Saturday. Here is my next ten video:

1. Fetch Shots – February 3rd

2. How I Shoot Videos – February 10th

3. #epic – February 17th

4. February 24th

5. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – March 3rd

6. GoPro Tripod Unboxing & Review – March 10th

7. Octopuses Garden – March 17th

8. Meet: Princess Buttercup Teaser – March 24th

9. Meet: Princess Buttercup – April 6th

10. The Making of my “Meet: Princess Buttercup” Documentary.


Thank you for reading this post. I will have a few reviews this month on the blog. Be sure to follow my blog via email/Reader. Also subscribe to me on YouTube & Follow Me on Instagram – @eb_travels11. On Instagram I will be posting a lot about live music in Franklin/Nashville so be sure to follow if interested! Thanks for reading. I will be doing a follow up in about a week.

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