Grays on MAIN: Restaurant Review

Welcome back to another blog post. Today, I am finally doing this Grays on MAIN Review in Franklin, TN. I think Grays is an amazing place to eat. They serve southern food that is a little more fancy than other local restaurants. You can go to Grays just to eat, but they also have music several nights a week on the second floor stage. This place is one of the first restaurants I ever ate at in Franklin. I ate at Grays before I moved to the area. I love this restaurant. If you are visiting Franklin, I would stop by for some music. I recommend it!

Grays also has a website which you can check out by clicking here. On their website, they have a schedule of bands. Also, they have the links taken care of so if you go to their website you can find them on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Oh and speaking of social media be sure to follow me on Instagram by clicking here.

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