A Year of EB Presents

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Feb. 11th 2017

Today: Feb. 11th 2018

“Welcome to my website. My Current Categories are: EBFilms, EBMusic, Videos, Franklin, Nashville, Travel, Life Lately, Live Music, Movie & TV Reviews, and Behind the Scenes.”

It has been one year…..

A lot has changed. We got Videos, Franklin, Nashville, Travel, Life lately, Movie & TV Reviews, and Behind the Scenes added to my Site. However looking pack I cut EB Paintings shortly after it’s debut on EB Presents Day 1. I also added a category in May called ‘Book Review.’ I wrote post on it in May. I did one in late 2017. However in 2018 it got cut. Right now we got serval different categories. Move & TV Reviews, Live Music, and Behind the Scenes will get new content instead of being cut. YouTube videos were also added to the mix.

Can’t believe it has been a full year since my Site started. It feels like yesterday when I started my Site.

I enjoy doing my Site.

Can’t wait for another year.

I wonder what I should add next…. visit my contact page by clicking HereOr go to the comment section if you have anything new that I should add to the mix with my serval categories, Instagram post, & Youtube Videos.

More post coming out today. Some might already be out.

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