Jeni’s Ice Cream: Review

It has been a year since I started EB Presents. In this blog post I am doing a post about nothing I thought I would ever do a year ago. That is reviews of local places. So today I am reviewing Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Jeni’s Ice Cream is a place to get ice cream. They have all different kinds of flavors. Some of my favorite kinds are: Cookies n’ Cream, Salted Peanut Butter, Sweet Cream.

Some kinds Beth likes are: Brown Butter Brittle, Milkiest Chocolate.

Some kinds J. Scott are: Cookies n’ Cream, Brown Butter Brittle.

I would totally recommend Jeni’s if you are visiting Nashville or Franklin or Brentwood. Their are locations in all three! I would give this place 5 stars.

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