Life Lately 3/21

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome back to a new life lately!!! I would like to start this post by sharing my new schedule for Videos & Blog Post:

Monday: EB Squared Video

Tuesday: EB Presents Video

Wednesday: NEW Blog Post

Thursday: Blog Post, An EB Music Blog Post, OR A Video on EB Presents

**only one of those will happen**

Friday: An EB Squared Video

Saturday: EB Presents Video (if EB Music a Blog Post to go w/ it)

Nothing on Sunday!


I have been posting two videos a week on EB Presents. The latest one was Home on the Range for “EB Music.” Before that was “Tug” featuring Princess & Tiger.


Life has been good… I tried a new restaurant (review coming soon). I have been to Puckett’s songwriters Night. Puckett’s Vlog will be something I will do sometime. Songwriters Night is great!

About it + EB Squared

I will make a new EB Squared Video for Friday. Beth has had two solos for “Memory” and “Fools Who Dream.” That is it. Follow my blog via email & subscribe to EB Presents on YouTube. Bye.

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