America the Beautiful + Home on the Range – EB Music (BTS & More Information)

I have recently come out with two episodes of EB Music.

Home on the Range came out on Tuesday. When I filmed it was an amazing day outside. After I ate my dinner outside on my downstairs deck (where I start the video) then, I decided to go to my upstairs deck. I then put my stand and the music outside then, I brought out my Guitar. I put my phone on the stand and filmed Home on the Range. Princes Buttercup listened to it LIVE (it was not a live stream). You can watch the episode on the EB Presents YouTube Channel.

The second video that came out recently was “America the Beautiful.” I filmed it on the same day as Home on the Range. Princess Buttercup listened to it LIVE. This episode also features bloopers, The wind blew the music onto my phone is a featured blooper. I filmed this one with my Guitar (just like Home on the Range). I also filmed “”Long Long Ago” and “Guitar Mix.” Coming next Saturday and April 3rd. You can watch “America the Beautiful” on the EB Presents YouTube Channel.

This Tuesday “Tug Shots” featuring Princess Buttercup and Tiger Lily. This Monday I will be doing a live stream at 5 PM central time | 6 central. You can wait here. I post about it before it goes live and I post the setlist. I recently tested live and it worked well.

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