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My latest video was the super popular What the Fluff Challenge. You can watch here:

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HonoLua Bay pt. 3

The third and final part to the Honolua Bay videos for 2018 is on the EB Presents Youtube Channel! Watch here:

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On Beach Snorkeling on Maui

My favorite on beach snorkeling on Maui was at Ulua Beach. We snorkeled on Ulua Beach several days of our trip. We saw several cool fish and even a Sea Turtle. Also Kapalua Bay was really fun. Kapalua Bay has some neat fish and even a Sea Turtle. Watch some snorkeling from both places here:

* Beginning is in Ulua Beach. When it says “New Day, New Beach” it will be Kapalua Bay until the last minute where it is Ulua Beach. Sea Turtle is Kapalua Bay.

Favorite Maui Snorkel Trip

My favorite Maui snorkel trip was with Trilogy! The snorkel stop was at Honolua Bay. The Coral and fish were wonderful on Honolua Bay. I have two Honolua Bay videos on the EB Presents Youtube Channel. Part three will be out tomorrow.

Watch pt. 1:

Watch pt. 2:

Favorite Maui Restaurant!!!

My favorite restaurant on Maui was the Brewing Co. Kihei. They have an amazing menu, good pizzas, good fried fish, fries, and root beer. They make their own root beer. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good place to eat on Maui.

More things on Maui:

Honolua Bay has some of the best snorkeling on Maui. Watch pt. 2 of “HonoLua Bay” snorkeling here:

I brought my ukulele with me to Maui. I also filmed the first two episodes of EB Music S2 on Maui as part of “EB Music” series and “The Maui Videos 2018” series. The S2 premier is out now and ep. 2 will be coming this coming Tuesday. Watch here


Coral Gardens | Maui

On my trip to Maui I visited the Coral Gardens. I went on a sailboat (yes a sail boat). There were about 11 people on the boat. It was really fun. The Coral was amazing. I saw a lot of fish. I also brought my GoPro along, which is waterproof up to 50 meters. So I made a video. In the video I played the Ukulele music (which is all the music until the latest 2 1/2 minutes). You can watch the video here:

“Coral Gardens Maui snorkeling. West Maui snorkeling. Lahaina and Kaanapali area. Coral reef. Tropical fish. Hawaii vacation activities. Ethan from EB Presents takes you on a snorkel journey with some of his amazing Ukulele covers and filming.”

-Beth from EB Squared’s description.

Also watch my other video that has a Sea Turtle in it.

“Easy snorkeling from the beaches of Maui. Snorkeling at Kapalua Bay Beach. Dr Beach’s #1 Beach in 2018. Hawaiian green sea turtle (Honu). Good place to see them. Tropical fish. Beautiful reef.
Also Snorkeling at Ulua Beach in Wailea”

-Beth from EB Squared’s Video description.

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Life Lately 5/28 – 6/12 | Maui

Welcome back to a new life lately blog post. I know I has been forever since I last done one. So here we are with a brand new blog post. Life Lately 5/28 – 6/12. I know it is the 15th but I will be sharing a quick overview of what happened between 5/28 and 6/12.


In this time period I was on Maui. I stayed in Wailea. I did some snorkeling, I Went to several places to eat. One of my favorite things I did was going on the Trilogy Snorkel Cruise (video and review will be posted in the future). I had lots of fun. The condo was nice. Beth from EB Squared will be making her EB Presents blog post debut with a full overview of my trip to Maui.

Upcoming Videos // The Maui Videos

While I was on Maui I did film several videos. The Maui Videos will be starting tomorrow!!!

Watch the teaser:

Latest Videos

EB Music S1 Finale (If you only have time for one watch this one) here:

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