Ethan and His Music – Season 1, Episode 2 Behind the Scenes



The second episode of Ethan and His Music (also written as #ethanandhismusic) will be coming November 3rd and it will be premiering to EB Presents. The second episode will incude the songs Summer Vacation, Things Are Fun, and A Great Day along with some Hawaiian Classics and the new song Fall Vacation which will be the song about Asheville and it will be similar to Summer Vacation. More will be in the second episode of Ethan and His Music. The video was filmed on the iPhone Plus (newer) which has a 12 mega pixel rear camera and a 7 mega pixel front facing along with 6x video zoom. This camera is an improved camera than the iPhone camera that was used on the first episode of Ethan and His Music. The second episode will have two parts. The first part will be filmed in Franklin TN. The second part will be filmed in that place that I have been blogging about that I recently went to and the place is ……… Asheville NC. The second part will be Around Asheville and the Biltmore Estate. A Great Day and Fall Vacation will be the songs that are in Asheville (Part 2). Summer Vacation, Things Are Fun, White Sandy Beach (Cover) (Intro ONLY), and Summer Vacation: Part 2 will all appear in the first part of the second episode of Ethan and His Music.

That is some info about the second episode of Ethan and His Music which will be premiering November 3rd to EB Presents.

Making Music via GarageBand

I like to play the ukulele. I play covers (Hene, Haele, You and Me etc.) and I write some songs (So Many Awesome Days, The World, La La La, It’s a Nice Day etc.). I use this app called GarageBand (available on iOS and Mac OS), on GarageBand you can record songs by using your device’s microphone or you can buy one and plug one into an iOS device (like what I do). You can also add instruments (drums, vilion, gutair, electric guitar, cello, etc.) or you can play your own by using the microphone. I play my ukulele while recording (most of the time). I write lyrics to my songs and I sing them by using the mic. is what I used for EB Presents. To get a .blog go to the website and then search and see if there is a domain available for example I typed in ebpresents and it was available so that makes my URL It works well and if you want a blog go to This .blog thing is by WordPress, the great blogging platform that I use to post my music videos, live performances, reviews, and more. Feel free too follow my blog via email. I would recommend this because you can get a .blog at a fair price (I think I got mine for like $25 or something close to that). If you want a blog. Also typing in will take you too the same site. A site is free if you want to not pay but you would advertise WordPress. Up to you but I think blogs are great! I would recommend a blog to writers. Happy blogging!