Octopus’s Garden – EB Music (More Information + BTS)

A new episode of EB Music has arrived!! In this episode Ethan plays Octopus’s Garden! The new episode was filmed on the GoPro camera.

This episode was filmed just last night. The video was edited this morning. The video was exported and uploaded to YouTube this afternoon. The video was edited in under 30 minutes. The video was filmed in under 40 minutes.

Ethan sings the song in the video. In this episode Ethan just played chords because the melody had long stopping points and there was not a guest in this episode. Ethan was originally going to play the melody in the episode.

Hawaiian Mix – EB Music (More Info)

Yesterday Ethan came out with a new video on the EB Presents Youtube channel. It was a ‘Hawaiian Mix.’ You can Watch the Video here.

I shot the video w/ the help of Beth from EB Squared. The full video was shot in color but using iMovie the whole video was changed by using the B&W filter. Be sure to watch it (Link Here.) The Video was filmed in both IL and TN.

NEW Book – EB Music (more information)

The new episode of EB Music has arrived. Tilted ‘NEW Book.’ The new episode talks about Ethan’s new music Book. This episode also features a guest appearance from EB Squared (made up of himself & Beth).

The songs in the new book will also be made into episodes of EB Music. This book features several great songs.

This episode was filmed in under 20 minutes.

This episode was edited on a different day in under 10 minutes.

You can watch the new episode of EB Music Here: https://youtu.be/HznsE8SDiu4

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – EB Music (BTS & Video Link)

Happy Saturday!!! A new video on the EB Presents Youtube Channel has arrived!

It is a new episode of EB Music. In this episode Ethan plays ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.’ This video features shots over the track outside and Ethan playing a song to the great Princess Buttercup.

So I took a recording of me playing the song in my room. Then, I decided I wanted to add some shots so I went and took them. Then I put the audio from the original video on the video. I also featured some shots from me playing the Ukulele during the original video. The track and video was also recorded in under a hour.

Watch the new episode here: https://youtu.be/ZgdJxpFimm0

Ethan and Music (Video) – EB Music

It has been a year since I have started my site! In this post I am looking back at past ukulele performances & also some clips from EB Squared. You can watch the video here:

Hope you enjoyed the video. You can check out the EB Presents Youtube Channel by clicking Here. You can check out the EB Squared Youtube Channel by clicking Here.

This is not an episode in the series. It is a bonus episode of highlights.