Tiger Lily’s Recovery: Weeks 1-3

As Tiger Lily dashed down the stairs into the yard, I heard her let out a fairly quiet yelp. I turned around to see her holding her left hind leg up in the air, unable to put any weight on that leg at all. I was concerned, but assumed it was just a mild injury. However, her obvious discomfort through that sleepless night and inability to use the leg the next morning had us headed straight to our regular vet. X-rays confirmed our vet’s suspicion; Tiger Lily had torn her cranial cruciate ligament (CCL – similar to our own ACL). We got in for a consultation with a board certified surgeon within days, and Tiger Lily underwent TPLO surgery exactly one week after her injury.

TPLO surgery is, in a nutshell, a type of surgery that reconstructs the dog’s knee to eliminate the need for the CCL. It was the only recommendation in Tiger Lily’s case, and can reasonably be expected to give her an eventual 90% or better return to normal leg function. Of course, that figure depends on how well we stick to the very strict post-surgery restrictions.

Tiger Lily returned home after just one night in the hospital. We had antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and pain relievers to help reduce the risk of post-surgical infection and keep her comfortable. She was unable to put much weight on the injured leg, but began using it as expected within the next couple of days. She must wear an e-collar (the cone of shame!) until the stitches and staples are removed at the 2 week mark. She didn’t seem to be too uncomfortable, but her brief trips out to the yard were initially very difficult. She was pretty unsteady on her feet and didn’t do well with a ramp, so she had to be carried down the four steps for the first several days (controlled use of the steps was ok with the vet, but she was unable to navigate them). She is now getting up and down the short flight of stairs easily and seems relatively strong on the injured leg. She was very restless the first few nights after her surgery, but is now sleeping pretty well at night.

Immediately following her injury, we kept Tiger Lily confined to her large crate. Luckily, as a young (1 1/2 years old) lab, Tiger Lily is still used to spending some time in her crate every day. She will need to stay confined until the healing process is complete, hopefully 8 weeks after the surgery. She obviously misses constant access to her family and her older sister, Princess Buttercup. We can’t take any chances with her recovery, so we are following the “no activity” restriction very closely.

We do let her out of the crate to socialize quietly in our room, but only under close supervision. She is on a leash at all times when not in her crate. The leash helps keep her from moving around too much or trying to jump up on anything (strictly off limits). I do take the cone of shame off so she can chew a Nylabone next to me during our quiet cuddling time. As long as we let her out for some of these quiet breaks every couple of hours, she doesn’t get too lonely.

The stitches will be out in a few days, and then we can start a very gradual exercise program. Even though the first walks will be short (5 minutes), this may help with her boredom. Our current physical therapy includes gentle massage and range of motion exercises. She loves the muscle massage, but isn’t too keen on the range of motion work. She’s on crate rest (or floor rest) the rest of the time, except a few short bathroom breaks.

All of this is a lot to ask of any dog, but especially for a young and active Labrador retriever. She’s used to running in the yard, taking long walks, and lounging on our bed (she isn’t allowed up high on furniture during her recovery). I’m continuously impressed with how well she handles her crate confinement, limited interaction, and lack of exercise. I’d be pretty crabby if it were me, but she always has a smile and a wagging tail. She’s quickly adjusted to the new routines and looks forward to the time we spend together, and she no longer thinks I’m crazy for putting a leash on her in the house. I’m sure it will get harder to keep her quiet as she heals and starts to feel more normal, and I’m looking forward to seeing her run and play again soon.

Life Lately 5/28 – 6/12 | Maui

Welcome back to a new life lately blog post. I know I has been forever since I last done one. So here we are with a brand new blog post. Life Lately 5/28 – 6/12. I know it is the 15th but I will be sharing a quick overview of what happened between 5/28 and 6/12.


In this time period I was on Maui. I stayed in Wailea. I did some snorkeling, I Went to several places to eat. One of my favorite things I did was going on the Trilogy Snorkel Cruise (video and review will be posted in the future). I had lots of fun. The condo was nice. Beth from EB Squared will be making her EB Presents blog post debut with a full overview of my trip to Maui.

Upcoming Videos // The Maui Videos

While I was on Maui I did film several videos. The Maui Videos will be starting tomorrow!!!

Watch the teaser:

Latest Videos

EB Music S1 Finale (If you only have time for one watch this one) here:

Fitbit Versa Unboxing



Revisit this trip // California Travel Vlog

#adogslife: The Start of a Story (sequel coming out late October)


National Pet Day

Guess what day it is?!!? National Pet Day!!! If you watch my YouTube channel, you most likely know I have two dogs Princess Buttercup & Tiger Lily that star in my series, “EB’s Dogs.” They are really sweet and cute. I also have a cat named Shamu (which you probably did not know). I am celebrating National Pet Day today! Here is a picture:

Life lately

Also life has been good lately. I recently went to Arizona!!!! I went to Sedona & the zoo (as seen in my video). I did not do much else but I had a good time! Watch the Vlog on Youtube!

Life Lately 3/21

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome back to a new life lately!!! I would like to start this post by sharing my new schedule for Videos & Blog Post:

Monday: EB Squared Video

Tuesday: EB Presents Video

Wednesday: NEW Blog Post

Thursday: Blog Post, An EB Music Blog Post, OR A Video on EB Presents

**only one of those will happen**

Friday: An EB Squared Video

Saturday: EB Presents Video (if EB Music a Blog Post to go w/ it)

Nothing on Sunday!


I have been posting two videos a week on EB Presents. The latest one was Home on the Range for “EB Music.” Before that was “Tug” featuring Princess & Tiger.


Life has been good… I tried a new restaurant (review coming soon). I have been to Puckett’s songwriters Night. Puckett’s Vlog will be something I will do sometime. Songwriters Night is great!

About it + EB Squared

I will make a new EB Squared Video for Friday. Beth has had two solos for “Memory” and “Fools Who Dream.” That is it. Follow my blog via email & subscribe to EB Presents on YouTube. Bye.

Life Lately 2/16 | Upcoming Videos

Welcome Back to a new blog post everyone. In this blog post we will be talking about Life Lately & also Dog Videos. First I would like to say that it might be a little bit in between blog post because I also post to my EB Presents Youtube Channel & Also to the EB Squared Youtube Channel. I will post on one of those about every two days.

Life Lately

Life has been pretty good lately. Yesterday was a really nice day in Tennessee. It was in the 70s and also sunny. I have been working on my videos. Also in case if you are wondering Tiger Lily & (sweet) Princess Buttercup.

Upcoming Videos

Lately the videos I have been posting on my YouTube Channel (EB Presents) have been Dog Videos. I have a new one coming tomorrow. I really enjoy doing them because they are funny to watch & lots of people do enjoy them. Feb. 17th I am going to have a new episode episode of EB Music, and so will the week after, and the week after that. I might post a video from a different category in between the weeks. I will also have a new Vlog coming up sometime to. Then I will post my recently made Dog video featuring Princess Buttercup & Tiger Lily. Tomorrow will be last Dog video for a little while. #epic featuring Princess Buttercup will be out tomorrow. Also I will have a Tech Video coming up soon.

Well that’s some life lately. I will have a new blog post soon.

A Year of EB Presents

“This blog is where you can hear Live Music from Ethan and guest performers. You can also hear pre-recorded music, watch EBFilms, see my paintings, and more. Check back often for more content. Enjoy!”


Feb. 11th 2017

Today: Feb. 11th 2018

“Welcome to my website. My Current Categories are: EBFilms, EBMusic, Videos, Franklin, Nashville, Travel, Life Lately, Live Music, Movie & TV Reviews, and Behind the Scenes.”

It has been one year…..

A lot has changed. We got Videos, Franklin, Nashville, Travel, Life lately, Movie & TV Reviews, and Behind the Scenes added to my Site. However looking pack I cut EB Paintings shortly after it’s debut on EB Presents Day 1. I also added a category in May called ‘Book Review.’ I wrote post on it in May. I did one in late 2017. However in 2018 it got cut. Right now we got serval different categories. Move & TV Reviews, Live Music, and Behind the Scenes will get new content instead of being cut. YouTube videos were also added to the mix.

Can’t believe it has been a full year since my Site started. It feels like yesterday when I started my Site.

I enjoy doing my Site.

Can’t wait for another year.

I wonder what I should add next…. visit my contact page by clicking HereOr go to the comment section if you have anything new that I should add to the mix with my serval categories, Instagram post, & Youtube Videos.

More post coming out today. Some might already be out.

My Favorite Categories

Today it has been a year since I started my Site, EB Presents. Today we are doing my favorite categories excluding EBMusic, Behind the Scenes, Live Music, EBFilms, & Videos.

Here we go. First I would like to say I like them all. Now, Here we go!!!!

6. Media Entertainment

5. Movie & TV Reviews

4. Life Lately

3, 2, & 1. Nashville, Franklin, Travel

The Top 3 were a tie because they are all the same subject. I like doing them all.

Life Lately 2/1

Welcome Back to a New Blog Everyone. So let’s get started with “On My Site” section of this blog post.

On my Site

My site has been doing well. I have had several blog post in the month of January. I will be posting several things this month. Be sure to follow my blog for more post.


In December/January I have been doing several Youtube Videos on my channel called EB Presents. You can check out my YouTube Channel by clicking here. Also be sure to hit that subscribe button and binge my videos! 🙂

Also I recently opened up a second YouTube channel with Beth/Mom. It is called EB Squared. We play classical & traditional music on this channel. You can check it out by clicking here. Also be sure to hit that subscribe button while you are there. Hope you like the content!

Life Outside of the Worldly Web

Life has been good. I have been hanging out with my dogs. The weather has been nice in Franklin TN. Life has been good

Video Posting Schedule On YouTube

I will now be posting videos on my channel every Saturday. Here is my next ten video:

1. Fetch Shots – February 3rd

2. How I Shoot Videos – February 10th

3. #epic – February 17th

4. February 24th

5. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – March 3rd

6. GoPro Tripod Unboxing & Review – March 10th

7. Octopuses Garden – March 17th

8. Meet: Princess Buttercup Teaser – March 24th

9. Meet: Princess Buttercup – April 6th

10. The Making of my “Meet: Princess Buttercup” Documentary.


Thank you for reading this post. I will have a few reviews this month on the blog. Be sure to follow my blog via email/Reader. Also subscribe to me on YouTube & Follow Me on Instagram – @eb_travels11. On Instagram I will be posting a lot about live music in Franklin/Nashville so be sure to follow if interested! Thanks for reading. I will be doing a follow up in about a week.