Jeni’s Ice Cream: Review

It has been a year since I started EB Presents. In this blog post I am doing a post about nothing I thought I would ever do a year ago. That is reviews of local places. So today I am reviewing Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Jeni’s Ice Cream is a place to get ice cream. They have all different kinds of flavors. Some of my favorite kinds are: Cookies n’ Cream, Salted Peanut Butter, Sweet Cream.

Some kinds Beth likes are: Brown Butter Brittle, Milkiest Chocolate.

Some kinds J. Scott are: Cookies n’ Cream, Brown Butter Brittle.

I would totally recommend Jeni’s if you are visiting Nashville or Franklin or Brentwood. Their are locations in all three! I would give this place 5 stars.

Introducing Restaurant Reviews

I will be doing Reviews on Restaurants in my Franklin, Nashville, and Travel categories on EB Presents. It will be mainly positive recommendations from me unless if the place is really bad (which would be a head’s up). These reviews will be mainly local restaurants (in that area) and local chains (for example a restaurant is in Franklin and also in Nashville). My first review will be on a restaurant which is Downtown Franklin and it has really great live music. The restaurant is called Puckett’s. They have great food (Fried Chicken ❤️). More things about Puckett’s will be in my review that is out Oct. 20th (which may already be out if it is October 20th or past that). I will also be doing restaurant reviews in Nashville (Nashville category) and some from my trip to Asheville, North Carolina (Travel Category). Check for more things like this in the categories Franklin, Nashville, and Travel. Also check out the first episode of EB Present’s first ever web series, Ethan and His Music. The first episode is out (came out Sep. 29th), the second episode is November 3rd, the third episode is December 31st (on the last hour of the year in central time), the fourth episode comes March 2nd, the 5th episode is April 6th, and the season finale is May 18th. Also check out more of the content on EB Presents.

Visiting Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville is a very lively place. Serval live music places, a Mellow Mushroom pizza place, and serval other popular locations can be found in downtown Nashville. Nashville can also be called Capital of Tennessee, Music City Capital, and Music City. The Opry can also be found in Nashville, post coming in the future. I have never been to Mellow Mushroom in Downtown Nashville, but I have been to the one in Franklin. Mellow Mushroom is a pizza place I love and recommend to pizza fans. A great place for live music would be Soulshine Pizza. Almost every place has live music. You can find music for any taste, but you’ll hear a lot of up-and-coming country and singer-songwriter artists as well as some alternative, pop, jazz, and blues music. Most music is very good. Nashville is also a very popular vacation place. It is also a great stop along the road trip if you are going to Destin, the Gulf, or other places in the south. I personally think Downtown Nashville is a very fun place!

I will do post called “Around Nashville” soon. A Opry one will be coming soon. Follow my blog for post updates on Franklin and Nashville. Restaurant reviews in Franklin are coming soon. Also check out the first episode of #ethanandhismusic/Ethan and His Music. Book and Movie reviews will be updated in coming months!