iPhones ranked Worst to best

Today I will be ranking the iPhones from worst to best. Let's start the list.15. iPhone 5CThis iPhone is too similar to the iPhone 5 and they just added colors to it in a plastic body (which was last found on the iPhone 3GS) The colors do not look as good as the iPhone 5S [...]

Review and Rating of the: Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's latest game Council. It has really great performance. The quality is really great. The Nintendo Switch (I think) is replacing the Nintendo Wii U. It is also portable (like the Nintendo 3DS) and it can be played on your TV (like the Nintendo Wii U). This device is fast and [...]

Fitbit Charge 2 vs Apple Watch Series 2

My two working smart/fitness watches the Charge 2 and the Apple Watch. Well overall we have one obvious winner hear and that is clearly the Apple Watch Series 2. Well if you want to spend less the Charge 2 is a great option. Let's Compare. Built in GPS Charge 2: Connected GPS Apple Watch Series [...]

Review of: Instagram

By now all of you reading this you should know what Instagram is. Instagram is a social media site where you share photos and you can add cool filters. You can also add photos to your story and that is a feature called Instagram Stories. Instagram has around 500 million users. I use it (with [...]