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Welcome to the final blog post of my California blog post. On this final post I will be sharing lots of pictures from California Trip. So let’s get rollin’

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Top 4 Things to do in San Diego & Coronado Island

Welcome Back to a new blog post everyone! Today I will be doing two blog post. I will have a second one tonight at 7 PM called “California Photos.” “California Photos” will be my last California Travel blog post. So today we are going over the top four things to do in San Diego and Coronado Island. So let’s get started.

4. Eat Dinner on the Island

Coronado Island has so many great dinner options. The Site Trip Advisor list the top 10 restaurants on Coronado Island so be sure to check it out for more.

3. Eat Breakfast at Clayton’s diner.

The diner is a great breakfast choice. They also serve donuts if you are in a hurry

2. The San Diego Zoo

This zoo is amazing. Also if you aren’t at the zoo right now and you have nothing to do, check out they have polar, panda, and penguin live cams. Also they have fun videos and entertaining pictures.

1. The Beach

Of course the beach is number one. The beach on Coronado Island has a beautiful sunset. Be sure to go to the beach.

Hoped you guys enjoyed this post. Tonight at 7 I will be posting all pictures as my last California Post! So be sure to get on and check it out!

Top 5 Favorite Disneyland Rides

Welcome back to a new travel blog post. I will be putting my Links to my last blog post and my new youtube video at the end of my post. So let’s get right to it.

Today we will be talking about my top 5 favorite Disneyland rides. By Disneyland I mean both parks: “Disneyland Park” and “Disneyland California Adventure Park.” So we are going to start from the bottom and make our way up to my favorite ride. One ride is getting remodeled which I am looking forward to btw. So… Let’s get started.

5. Big Thunder Mountain

4. Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!

3. Radiator Springs Racers 

2. Space Mountain


1. California Screamin’

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California 2017-2018 Trip Summary

Welcome back everyone to the second blog post of my new California travel series. I will keep on doing these until I run out of things to say about my trip. This will be my last one  until Tuesday. So today we are going to Summarize the trip 🙂 so let’s get going.\.

I got on a plane and flew to San Diego. The next morning I hung around Coronado Island. The next day I went to the San Diego zoo. I did a lot of fun stuff at Coronado. I also drove to Disneyland. I went to both parks and rode my favorite rides. I went back to Coronado and went to the beach.

That is a little quick summary for you guys. I put this in featured because I want to feature the full depth and the summary. some people want full depth and others want a summary. So I hoped you enjoyed this post!

California 2017-2018 Trip in Review

Today marks the first blog post of my California Travel Blog Series that I am doing. Yesterday’s was a Life Lately with some snaps from this trip but not a full travel post I shared other things to. So I am going to get right to it. Today I am doing a full on trip in review post. Thursday I will be doing a highlight post. Then after that some reviews and more. Let’s get started…

So I went to the airport in Nashville. Then I got there on Coronado late at night. The next morning I went to Clayton’s Diner (review coming soon) then, I went to the beach and hung out and relaxed. Oh and by the way I of course tested The GoPro Hero 5 Underwater. You can watch my water test by Clicking the text right now. Then I filmed and hung out. I brought my ukulele along with me. We hung out that day. I wanted the sunset Here is a little shot of the sunset on day 1:

The next day I went to the San Diego zoo and once again hung out on the beach. Here is a shot from the zoo:

The next day I went to the Navy museum. Here are two pictures from it:

Later I once again hung out on the beach and watched the sunset.

The next day was in the car on the way to Disneyland. Then I arrived at Disneyland and went to California Adventure Park. Then I went over to Disneyland to see the 9 o clock fireworks show. Then spent the rest of the night at California Adventure Park. After that I watched the fireworks from my room. I saw fireworks from both parks since they were right next to each other. That was New Year’s Eve. Here is a little video clip from the nine o clock fireworks:

The next day I spent the whole day at Disneyland Park and California Adventure. I rode my favorite rides and that stuff. I will do a post on Disneyland soon.

The next day I went back to Coronado and hung out on the beach.

The final morning I did the same thing.

I think that sounds a like a fun vacation. Hoped you enjoyed this post. I will be doing a summary of my trip Thursday. This post will also be a featured post. Here are the featured post from my trip:

Life Lately 1/8 + California Trip

California 2017-2018 Trip In Review

California 2017-2018 Highlights

Friday’s Video links + Blog Post

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Asheville Memories// Final 2017 Asheville Blog Post

I have put out serval Asheville blog post! I am so glad I could share everything I did in Asheville NC. I really enjoyed my trip. I have a lot of fun memories from Asheville NC. I did serval different things in Asheville and be sure to find out what I did in my What I Did in Asheville NC blog post. I enjoyed Asheville. This is a great place to go to!!

Thanks to those people who looked at all of my Asheville blog post!! Thanks and have a great day!

**Mark your calendars, a new category is coming to EB Presents tomorrow at 7 o clock in central time (8 eastern) with an introduction …. post!**

What I did in Asheville NC

Today I will be breaking down everything that I did in Asheville.

I went on beautiful scenic car rides with my Family. I went serval different places. Some of the car rides appeared in the second episode of  Ethan and His Music and also on the post I put out yesterday which was only pictures. The car rides were just beautiful.

I went on beautiful walks in the Biltmore Gardens. Some of the shots in the second episode of Ethan and His Music were in the Biltmore Gardens. The Biltmore gardens were absolutely beautiful. I loved the beautiful walking trail that the Biltmore grounds offered. Biltmore Village is also by the grounds. It is actually right by the Biltmore Hotel which is the place I stayed. The grounds were just beautiful. This was totally a highlight of my trip.

I walked Downtown and did a lot of fun stuff! I really enjoyed my trip to Asheville.

**Final Asheville 2017 Blog Post is Tomorrow!**