HonoLua Bay pt. 3

The third and final part to the Honolua Bay videos for 2018 is on the EB Presents Youtube Channel! Watch here:

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On Beach Snorkeling on Maui

My favorite on beach snorkeling on Maui was at Ulua Beach. We snorkeled on Ulua Beach several days of our trip. We saw several cool fish and even a Sea Turtle. Also Kapalua Bay was really fun. Kapalua Bay has some neat fish and even a Sea Turtle. Watch some snorkeling from both places here:

* Beginning is in Ulua Beach. When it says “New Day, New Beach” it will be Kapalua Bay until the last minute where it is Ulua Beach. Sea Turtle is Kapalua Bay.

Favorite Maui Snorkel Trip

My favorite Maui snorkel trip was with Trilogy! The snorkel stop was at Honolua Bay. The Coral and fish were wonderful on Honolua Bay. I have two Honolua Bay videos on the EB Presents Youtube Channel. Part three will be out tomorrow.

Watch pt. 1:

Watch pt. 2:

Favorite Maui Restaurant!!!

My favorite restaurant on Maui was the Brewing Co. Kihei. They have an amazing menu, good pizzas, good fried fish, fries, and root beer. They make their own root beer. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good place to eat on Maui.

More things on Maui:

Honolua Bay has some of the best snorkeling on Maui. Watch pt. 2 of “HonoLua Bay” snorkeling here:

I brought my ukulele with me to Maui. I also filmed the first two episodes of EB Music S2 on Maui as part of “EB Music” series and “The Maui Videos 2018” series. The S2 premier is out now and ep. 2 will be coming this coming Tuesday. Watch here


Maui Travels

“Beth from EB Squared makes her EB Presents blog post debut with a trip overview of Maui.” -Ethan

Maui offers a near-perfect mix of two worlds for your Hawaiian vacation; it isn’t nearly as busy as Oahu, but it also isn’t as quiet as Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, or the Big Island. The beautiful island of Maui offers plenty of options for lodging, dining, shopping and entertainment as well as many opportunities to escape to a more off-the-beaten-path solitude.

We made Wailea, on the south shore of Maui, our home base for exploring the island. Wailea offers comfortable condos (our choice), upscale hotels, a great mix of dining and multiple gorgeous beaches. We took advantage of the south shore’s convenient location to visit other parts of the island as well.


It is no secret that most visitors head to Hawaii for the beautiful beaches! We visited several beaches in Wailea as well as the west coast of Maui. These beaches are only the tip of the iceberg for Maui’s beaches.

Ulua Beach

We visited our favorite – Ulua Beach – almost daily for its easy-to-access excellent off-beach snorkeling. The water here is calmest in the morning, but snorkeling was fairly easy any time of day (except one particularly windy day with higher ocean swells). We saw tons of fish and even a sea turtle!

You can watch some snorkeling from Ulua Beach here:

The sea turtle we saw is not in Ulua Beach.

Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach wasn’t as calm or as shaded as Ulua, but it is easy to see why this gorgeous stretch of sand is so popular among south-shore visitors. We didn’t spent a ton of time on this beach, but it is worth a visit. When the water is calm, the snorkeling near the point is supposed to be excellent.

Po’olenalena Beach

Less crowded than the beaches fronting the resorts of Wailea, Po’olenalena Beach is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. This beach is pretty popular with local families for playing in the water and relatively easy boogie boarding. We didn’t try to snorkel from this beach, but it does have a protected area along a rocky outcropping that probably had good snorkeling.

Kapalua Bay Beach

This West Maui beach was named #1 beach in the United States by Dr. Beach for 2018, and it is pretty easy to see why. While the conditions and snorkeling weren’t all that different from Ulua Beach, it was worth the drive up to this part of Maui. See some snorkeling from Kapalua Bay here:


Sail & Snorkel

We visited Molokini Crater and Turtle Town via a tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation. This tour was a good value for getting out to Molokini, which is a unique spot and somewhere everyone should visit once. Molokini can get a bit crowded though, so it wasn’t our overall favorite snorkeling destination. We stopped at Turtle Town on the way back to the harbor, but larger ocean swells made for some rough conditions. We did, however, see a sea turtle!

For our second snorkeling excursion, we went sailing with Paragon to Coral Gardens on the West Maui coast. This boat was much smaller than the one we took out to Molokini, which made for a more relaxed and enjoyable trip overall. This was one of the few afternoon snorkel tours offered on Maui. Coral Gardens itself is best accessed by boat, not land, and we saw a huge variety of fish and beautiful coral. Watch Coral Gardens snorkeling here:

Our favorite snorkel excursion was with Trilogy (another sailing trip) to Honolua Bay, a protected marine preserve. While this area can also be accessed from a rocky beach, this uncrowded bay is definitely better reached via small boat. The snorkeling here was the best we experienced on Maui! We loved the experience with Trilogy as well as the tasty breakfast, lunch and ice cream! Watch Honolua Bay snorkeling here:

More Honolua Bay videos will be coming as part of Ethan’s Maui Videos 2018 series. When it is out it will be here.

Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is famous, beautiful and definitely worth the day trip. It is a deceptively long day trip though, and the road is pretty slow going and you will certainly make a lot of stops to appreciate the scenery! We went on to Haleakala National Park (about 10 miles past Hana); this is not the crater and summit, but the lush Kipahulu district. We took a short hike along the cliffs to take a look at a mountain stream meeting the Pacific Ocean (beautiful!!). Be sure to stop at Hana Farms for the best banana bread on Earth.

Iao Valley

This lush valley and rainforest area is a much shorter trip than the Road to Hana, and we thought the scenery here was the best non-ocean view on the island. There is a short path to an overlook, as well as some short winding trails along the stream bed. Watch Ethan’s Iao Valley video here:

West Maui

We drove a few miles along the west coast past Kapalua. The guidebook indicates this drive isn’t for the faint of heart, but we didn’t drive far enough to find out for ourselves. The cliff side views we did see were jaw dropping!


Food Trucks

We picked up several meals from the food trucks in Kihei, which definitely have something for everyone. My favorite was Aloha Thai Fusion, and Ethan loved the South Maui Fish Company.

Maui Brewing Company (Kihei)

The unanimous favorite among the three of us, Maui Brewing has delicious food. The menu definitely has options for all tastes, but we particularly enjoyed the pizzas (especially during happy hour when they were only $10!). Maui Brewing also had good live music.

Monkeypod Kitchen (Wailea)

Monkeypod was a close second behind Maui Brewing, and had yummy pizzas, appetizers and great dishes using local ingredients. Monkeypod gets pretty busy for dinner, but it is still very laid back and enjoyable.

“That is Beth’s overview of Maui!” – Ethan

Coral Gardens | Maui

On my trip to Maui I visited the Coral Gardens. I went on a sailboat (yes a sail boat). There were about 11 people on the boat. It was really fun. The Coral was amazing. I saw a lot of fish. I also brought my GoPro along, which is waterproof up to 50 meters. So I made a video. In the video I played the Ukulele music (which is all the music until the latest 2 1/2 minutes). You can watch the video here:

“Coral Gardens Maui snorkeling. West Maui snorkeling. Lahaina and Kaanapali area. Coral reef. Tropical fish. Hawaii vacation activities. Ethan from EB Presents takes you on a snorkel journey with some of his amazing Ukulele covers and filming.”

-Beth from EB Squared’s description.

Also watch my other video that has a Sea Turtle in it.

“Easy snorkeling from the beaches of Maui. Snorkeling at Kapalua Bay Beach. Dr Beach’s #1 Beach in 2018. Hawaiian green sea turtle (Honu). Good place to see them. Tropical fish. Beautiful reef.
Also Snorkeling at Ulua Beach in Wailea”

-Beth from EB Squared’s Video description.

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California Photos

Welcome to the final blog post of my California blog post. On this final post I will be sharing lots of pictures from California Trip. So let’s get rollin’

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Top 4 Things to do in San Diego & Coronado Island

Welcome Back to a new blog post everyone! Today I will be doing two blog post. I will have a second one tonight at 7 PM called “California Photos.” “California Photos” will be my last California Travel blog post. So today we are going over the top four things to do in San Diego and Coronado Island. So let’s get started.

4. Eat Dinner on the Island

Coronado Island has so many great dinner options. The Site Trip Advisor list the top 10 restaurants on Coronado Island so be sure to check it out for more.

3. Eat Breakfast at Clayton’s diner.

The diner is a great breakfast choice. They also serve donuts if you are in a hurry

2. The San Diego Zoo

This zoo is amazing. Also if you aren’t at the zoo right now and you have nothing to do, check out zoo.sandiegozoo.org/ they have polar, panda, and penguin live cams. Also they have fun videos and entertaining pictures.

1. The Beach

Of course the beach is number one. The beach on Coronado Island has a beautiful sunset. Be sure to go to the beach.

Hoped you guys enjoyed this post. Tonight at 7 I will be posting all pictures as my last California Post! So be sure to get on and check it out!

Top 5 Favorite Disneyland Rides

Welcome back to a new travel blog post. I will be putting my Links to my last blog post and my new youtube video at the end of my post. So let’s get right to it.

Today we will be talking about my top 5 favorite Disneyland rides. By Disneyland I mean both parks: “Disneyland Park” and “Disneyland California Adventure Park.” So we are going to start from the bottom and make our way up to my favorite ride. One ride is getting remodeled which I am looking forward to btw. So… Let’s get started.

5. Big Thunder Mountain

4. Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!

3. Radiator Springs Racers 

2. Space Mountain


1. California Screamin’

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California 2017-2018 Trip Summary

Welcome back everyone to the second blog post of my new California travel series. I will keep on doing these until I run out of things to say about my trip. This will be my last one  until Tuesday. So today we are going to Summarize the trip 🙂 so let’s get going.\.

I got on a plane and flew to San Diego. The next morning I hung around Coronado Island. The next day I went to the San Diego zoo. I did a lot of fun stuff at Coronado. I also drove to Disneyland. I went to both parks and rode my favorite rides. I went back to Coronado and went to the beach.

That is a little quick summary for you guys. I put this in featured because I want to feature the full depth and the summary. some people want full depth and others want a summary. So I hoped you enjoyed this post!