Ethan and Music (Video) – EB Music

It has been a year since I have started my site! In this post I am looking back at past ukulele performances & also some clips from EB Squared. You can watch the video here:

Hope you enjoyed the video. You can check out the EB Presents Youtube Channel by clicking Here. You can check out the EB Squared Youtube Channel by clicking Here.

This is not an episode in the series. It is a bonus episode of highlights.

Favorite Post on EB Presents

Welcome back to a new post on EB Presents. Today we are doing a video hosted on my site made possible by Automattic. So we are using Video Press. Here is the video:

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P.S. 100th Post on EB Presents!!!!!

California Travel Vlog: Teaser

The title for Friday’s Video has been revealed: “California Travel Vlog.” Right now you can watch my teaser… to get ready for the video. You can only find the teaser here…. so here it is:

Hope you are exited for the video. It will be divided into three parts and also released as a whole 12 minute video to my YouTube channel. The Category for this post is videos but Friday’s post will be EBFilms because this is a big production instead of a short simple video. I will also be writing a blog post Friday. I will put the YouTube video links in my blog post. A Behind the Scenes video will be coming Saturday which you can find on my YouTube channel.