The Latest!

My latest video was the super popular What the Fluff Challenge. You can watch here:

I will also now be posting on Instagram everyday at 6|5c.

I have also been posting on IGTV (a new feature, google it to learn more), for example I posted a shortened video of my American Flag Cake and a live music clip from Grays featuring MusicbyKites.

So be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay tuned! eb_travels11. And subscribe to me on Youtube, EB Presents.


A new two part video just came out on the EB Presents Youtube channel. In part one Ethan puts Princess Buttercup away, finds the toys, goes through them all and talks about them, finds out if the cat (Shamu) is interested, and finally gets Princess Buttercup. Pt. 1 stars Ethan and features Princess Buttercup is interested. You can watch it here

In pt. 2 Ethan has Princess Buttercup released to pick a toy. Then Ethan plays tug and fetch w/ Princess. Ethan gets Tiger to pick a toy and they play. Then both dogs and Ethan play together. You can the video here: