Octopus’s Garden – EB Music (More Information + BTS)

A new episode of EB Music has arrived!! In this episode Ethan plays Octopus’s Garden! The new episode was filmed on the GoPro camera.

This episode was filmed just last night. The video was edited this morning. The video was exported and uploaded to YouTube this afternoon. The video was edited in under 30 minutes. The video was filmed in under 40 minutes.

Ethan sings the song in the video. In this episode Ethan just played chords because the melody had long stopping points and there was not a guest in this episode. Ethan was originally going to play the melody in the episode.

Hawaiian Mix – EB Music (More Info)

Yesterday Ethan came out with a new video on the EB Presents Youtube channel. It was a ‘Hawaiian Mix.’ You can Watch the Video here.

I shot the video w/ the help of Beth from EB Squared. The full video was shot in color but using iMovie the whole video was changed by using the B&W filter. Be sure to watch it (Link Here.) The Video was filmed in both IL and TN.

NEW Book – EB Music (more information)

The new episode of EB Music has arrived. Tilted ‘NEW Book.’ The new episode talks about Ethan’s new music Book. This episode also features a guest appearance from EB Squared (made up of himself & Beth).

The songs in the new book will also be made into episodes of EB Music. This book features several great songs.

This episode was filmed in under 20 minutes.

This episode was edited on a different day in under 10 minutes.

You can watch the new episode of EB Music Here: https://youtu.be/HznsE8SDiu4

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – EB Music (BTS & Video Link)

Happy Saturday!!! A new video on the EB Presents Youtube Channel has arrived!

It is a new episode of EB Music. In this episode Ethan plays ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.’ This video features shots over the track outside and Ethan playing a song to the great Princess Buttercup.

So I took a recording of me playing the song in my room. Then, I decided I wanted to add some shots so I went and took them. Then I put the audio from the original video on the video. I also featured some shots from me playing the Ukulele during the original video. The track and video was also recorded in under a hour.

Watch the new episode here: https://youtu.be/ZgdJxpFimm0

Favorite Things to Do in Franklin TN (pt. 1)

Today I am going over my favorite Things to do in Franklin. Here are some:

Jeni’s Ice Cream

At the factory.


I love the restaurant, Puckett’s. They have live music 5 nights a week. Follow me on Instagram @eb_travels11 for pictures! Also a new Vlog @ Puckett’s, showing the place, & giving a video review. More information coming in Life Lately 3/1.

Grays on MAIN

A restaurant that does live music a couple nights a week. I might also do a Vlog for this one. I don’t know if it will feature a performance clip or not.

There is more. A pt. 2 will be coming soon!

Life Lately 2/16 | Upcoming Videos

Welcome Back to a new blog post everyone. In this blog post we will be talking about Life Lately & also Dog Videos. First I would like to say that it might be a little bit in between blog post because I also post to my EB Presents Youtube Channel & Also to the EB Squared Youtube Channel. I will post on one of those about every two days.

Life Lately

Life has been pretty good lately. Yesterday was a really nice day in Tennessee. It was in the 70s and also sunny. I have been working on my videos. Also in case if you are wondering Tiger Lily & (sweet) Princess Buttercup.

Upcoming Videos

Lately the videos I have been posting on my YouTube Channel (EB Presents) have been Dog Videos. I have a new one coming tomorrow. I really enjoy doing them because they are funny to watch & lots of people do enjoy them. Feb. 17th I am going to have a new episode episode of EB Music, and so will the week after, and the week after that. I might post a video from a different category in between the weeks. I will also have a new Vlog coming up sometime to. Then I will post my recently made Dog video featuring Princess Buttercup & Tiger Lily. Tomorrow will be last Dog video for a little while. #epic featuring Princess Buttercup will be out tomorrow. Also I will have a Tech Video coming up soon.

Well that’s some life lately. I will have a new blog post soon.

A Year of EB Presents

“This blog is where you can hear┬áLive Music from Ethan and guest performers. You can also hear pre-recorded music, watch EBFilms, see my paintings, and more. Check back often for more content. Enjoy!”


Feb. 11th 2017

Today: Feb. 11th 2018

“Welcome to my website. My Current Categories are: EBFilms, EBMusic, Videos, Franklin, Nashville, Travel, Life Lately, Live Music, Movie & TV Reviews, and Behind the Scenes.”

It has been one year…..

A lot has changed. We got Videos, Franklin, Nashville, Travel, Life lately, Movie & TV Reviews, and Behind the Scenes added to my Site. However looking pack I cut EB Paintings shortly after it’s debut on EB Presents Day 1. I also added a category in May called ‘Book Review.’ I wrote post on it in May. I did one in late 2017. However in 2018 it got cut. Right now we got serval different categories. Move & TV Reviews, Live Music, and Behind the Scenes will get new content instead of being cut. YouTube videos were also added to the mix.

Can’t believe it has been a full year since my Site started. It feels like yesterday when I started my Site.

I enjoy doing my Site.

Can’t wait for another year.

I wonder what I should add next…. visit my contact page by clicking HereOr go to the comment section if you have anything new that I should add to the mix with my serval categories, Instagram post, & Youtube Videos.

More post coming out today. Some might already be out.