Fitbit Versa vs. Apple Watch

For a while my Fitbit Charge 2 band has been falling off. I even replaced the band about a month ago, it fell of less but it still did it. I knew that the Alta or Alta HR would not be good choices because the band works the same way. I have also had the Charge 2 for a while so it was out of warranty! I would lose a lot of features w/ the Flex 2. So I got the Fitbit Versa! Today I will be comparing it to the Apple Watch. I have the Series 2. I will be comparing it to the series 1 & 2. So let’s get started.

All Day Activity Tracking.

Most Clock faces on the versa feature your step count. So you can look at steps w/ a glance. Some faces feature Calories Burned & Heart Rate. To view all stats SWIPE UP from the clock and that will open an app called “Today” which will show your stats for active minutes, hourly move, heart rate, and more! Workouts tracked are at the bottom.

The Apple Watch has an app called “Activity,” in this app you can see your “rings,” steps, & distance. Their are three rings: “Move,” “Exercise,” & “Stand.” “Move” is the Active Calories which is NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE! “Exercise” is like Fitbit’s Active Minutes but you can set a goal it is always 30, on Fitbit it could be 2, 30, 45, 60, 86, and any other number. Fitbit is more accurate on Active Minutes then “Exercise” on Apple Watch because on a day I did not do anything Apple says I closed the ring but Fitbit says I have 0 Minutes. Also apple’s Minutes differ for the SAME walk while Fitbit is always the same if you are walking. The last one is “Stand” which is like Fitbit’s “hourly move.”

In this category Fitbit wins. It had the features first, it is what Fitbit is best at!

Winner: Fitbit

Tracking Workouts

On the Versa you can track many different workouts. You can have up to six on the watch at a time. I have Walk, Bike, Swim, Run, Workout, & Yoga. The Versa does not have GPS. Which some people won’t buy it for that reason. The price would cost more for GPS and the battery life would not be as good. The $300 Ionic has GPS if you want that. Connected GPS connects to your phone to track outdoor workouts. It is always good to have your phone w/ you in case of emergencies. Connected GPS is just as accurate and it uses less battery. Your workouts are saved in the Fitbit app. You CAN also track swims

Keep in mind you can only have one Fitbit smartwatch paired at a time. You can have a smartwatch and fitness band (as many bands as you want) paired (Charge 2, Alta HR, Flex 2, etc).

On the Apple Watch you can have more workouts. The Apple Watch Series 2 & 3 have built in GPS. The series 1 & the original/Series 0 Do NOT have built in GPS. The series 2 is discounted. The series 3 is over $300. The series 1 is $250. So no gps keeps the price down.

Winner: Draw


The Fitbit versa is a smartwatch so it features notifications that come through on your phone. Go to the Fitbit app to turn on notifications for ONLY the apps you want. The bands (Charge 2, Alta, Alta HR etc.) Have Call & Text notifications (maybe calendar) but not the other apps like the versa. If they are important get the versa. I find the notifications handy. For Android users, Quick text replies will be coming soon. No quick replies on iOS thanks to Apple’s closed system .Fitbit does not put notifications first because they have always focused on fitness which is a good thing. Also people who buy the watch for notifications would not look at Fitbit. Not priority but works well.

The Apple Watch does do a better job on notifications. I do not have any on here because I have been wearing the amazing Versa. The Apple Watch will tap you when something comes through. You can reply to text by “Scribbling,” talking to it, or a quick reply. However if you get messages from other apps you can NoT reply to them. Apple does that well.

Winner: Apple Watch


The Fitbit Versa is a smartwatch so it features apps. You can check the weather (useful). You can even check how you are doing in the 7 day leaderboard against your friends. “Relax” is Fitbit’s app for focusing on breathing. It first appeared on the Charge 2 then Apple came out w/ it on the Series 1 & 2. Their are several fitness apps on the Versa. Their is a simple calculator app. The New York Times is on the Versa (would not use). You can also get Starbucks. Pandora & Deezer Music (paid only) are available. More fitness apps are available. I would not get a Watch for apps. If you are going to Fitbit is not for you. Especially if you don’t want fitness apps. There are a couple games on versa btw.

The Apple Watch does have a lot of apps. From fitness to news to games to remotes. If you are getting a watch for apps the Apple Watch is for you.

Winner: Apple Watch

Social Features & Motivation.

Screenshot: Fitbit app.

Fitbit has challenges and adventure races. You can compete with your friends. You get “Trophies” for winning. The goal Day is a fun challenge to hit your goal. If you hit your goal you get a “Trophy.” Goal day can be solo or w/ Friends. Adventure races are challenges that you race to be the first to the finish line. Solo adventures are ones that you do (don’t know much about those). Challenges are really fun on Fitbit.

The bit also has the seven day steps. Currently (April 18th) I am in 6. You can see where you rank among friends. You can see that right on the watch w/ the Fitbit versa & Ionic. This is what motivates you on Fitbit and also hitting 10k!

Screenshot: Apple Activity App

On the Apple Watch you can share stats w/ friends but no 7 day or challenges :(. The Apple Watch motivates you to close your rings like Fitbit motivates you to hit your goal.

Sleep Tracking & Battery Life

Fitbit does sleep Tracking! Also REM! Apple only does it on third party apps. It drains a lot of battery life. The Apple Watch battery life is 18 hours Versa 4 Days +.

Winner: Fitbit Versa


The Fitbit versa is $200. It has a lot of fitness features + weather, notifications, & more. It is the mass appeal smartwatch Fitbit is saying it is. If you want GPS it is $300 which is the Ionic. Also Fitbit versa has WAY better battery life than the Apple Watch and so does the Ionic.

The Apple Watch Series 1 is $250 (and it does less) no swim tracking and not the fun social features of Fitbit. So the Fitbit versa is a better choice. Also Apple Watch only supports iOS while Fitbit supports Windows, Android, & iOS! The series 3 is over $300 (more than the Ionic). Also battery life is weak on all Apple watches.

Overall winner: Fitbit Versa


P.S. I got a couple Active Minutes on Apple Watch while writing this. Fitbit gave me 0 minutes while writing this. Fitbit is amazing!!!

Fitbit Charge 2 vs Apple Watch Series 2

My two working smart/fitness watches the Charge 2 and the Apple Watch. Well overall we have one obvious winner hear and that is clearly the Apple Watch Series 2. Well if you want to spend less the Charge 2 is a great option. Let’s Compare.

Built in GPS

Charge 2: Connected GPS

Apple Watch Series 2: Yes

Heart RateFitbit Charge 2: Yes

Apple Watch Series 2: Yes


Charge 2: Yes

Apple Watch Series 2: Yes + Saved in Apple Health

Both Watches have Steps, Distance, Hourly Move, and more.


Apple Watch 2 does an amazing job when it comes to notifications. You can even talk on the phone by using the Apple Watch. You can reply to text. It has FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, calendar, and any app that has notifications turned on your iphone they will be turned on your iwatch. Fitbit Charge 2 on the other hand only has the basics Calls, Text, and Calender notification. When it comes to Text and Calender notifications it will show only part of it temping you to get out your phone not putting it away. You can not talk into it or anything like that.

Smart Features

The Apple Watch is the winner. It has apps. If you an app you can go to the App Store and download an app. If it has a Apple Watch app available it should be on there shortly after you get the app. The apps are really handy. You can download apps like Messenger, Skype, Slack, and more messaging apps and message the same way you do on the Apple Messages app. The Messages app is both texting and iMessage. It has the phone app and you can call someone on your watch. It has your (“Favorite”) activity and workout app on there to. It has the music app. It has the remote app to control your Apple TV. It has a lot of apps. A new app on Watch OS is a app called Breath. The Fitbit has not really any just notifications. However it does have the breath feature that the Apple Watch has but it does not save your Breath minutes.

Workout Features

Apple Watch is again the winner. This time Fitbit does really good on this category. The Apple Watch has the Activity app and the workout app. The Apple Watch Series 2 has built in GPS which is the biggest reason I got this watch. The Actitvity app is your daily activity. There are three rings Move, Exersize, and Stand. My favorites are Move and Exersize. At the button it has Steps, Distance, and any workout you did that they. Also you can download 3rd party connected GPS apps for the device (Apple Watch) like Nike. Some apps like Nike if you pair it to your Apple health app it will show up with your workouts in the actitvity app. There is also a breath app where you can breath and a heart rate tracking app where it can track your resting heart rate. The Heart Rate monitor is not always on. Fitbit also does a really good job. It has your steps, heart rate, distance, calories, floors, active minutes, and moving. The Fitbit has connected GPS. It does a decent job. It has breathing where it makes you relax. It also has Smart Track auto workout tracking.

Battery Life

The Charge 2 is finally the winner. It goes up to five days on a single charge. On the other hand the Apple Watch Series 2 only goes UP TO 18 hours of battery life and 4 hours of battery life if doing GPS tracking.

The results.

Winner: Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch 2 categories won: 3 of 4

Charge 2 Categories won: 1 of 4.

Either tracker would be a great option. Depends on your price.

P.S. If you are getting the Charge 2 get it on Amazon because you save a buck.

Review and Rating of: Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 is way better than the Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge HR. I still currently have a Fitbit Charge HR it is cracked. I gave my Fitbit Blaze to somebody with a dying Fitbit Zip (he likes it). I used to use a Garmin for any type of run (Garmin Forerunner 225) then the connected GPS Fitbit (Fitbit Blaze) now I use the Apple Watch for runs (Apple Watch Series 2). When I still used the Garmin I also used two other Fitbits in that time period (Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Alta then Fitbit Charge because the Alta falls off of me). The Apple Watch does not fall off of me. 5Stars


**Built in GPS super accurate (more accurate than Garmin and Fitbit).**

**Great HeartRate not always on. On when you are still, breathing by using the breath app, and while you do a workout (including swimming). Accurate HR. **

Swimming Tracking (50 Meters)

**Breath App (Comes with Watch)**

Watch OS

Sleep ++ (accurate sleep tracking app you should download)


Power Reserve does not say that it will turn off activity tracking clearly.