Movie Review of: Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a movie about how the U.S. got the first man to orbit Earth. I like this movie because it is about history and space. You might like this movie because you might like the story about space and history. This movie is set during the 1950s and I learned a lot and [...]

Movie Review of: La La Land

Today I am reviewing the movie called La La Land. This movie came out recently on iTunes and it was in the theaters some time ago. This movie is about two people. The girl wants to become a famous actor and the man wants to become a piano player in a jazz club. I like [...]

Movie Review of: A Dog’s Purpose

I already reviewed A Dog's Purpose and Bailey and Ellie's story so we are rapping up A Dog's Purpose reviews and important points of each book. A Dog's Jounery is on my to read list (which will have a review soon). The author is coming out with a new book called A Dog's Way Home. [...]